What I Should Know About . . . Annual Wellness Screening

Did you know that 10-14 percent of pets brought to veterinary clinics for checkups have some type of underlying disease or illness? Many of these pets who seem normal and healthy upon a physical exam have a disease or illness that could go undetected without an annual wellness test- a blood test designed to detect underlying organ problems.

The development of disease can be subtle. When an organ system starts to fail, the organ will try to compensate, bringing its function back as close as possible to normal. Over time, this compensation mechanism will fail and the pet will become ill. Once the pet is in organ failure, treatment options are limited, expensive, and the prognosis may be poor.

Our lab performs annual wellness tests using a sample of your pet’s blood, checking your pet’s liver, kidneys, pancreas, electrolytes, minerals, and blood sugar. These tests can also alert us to infection, inflammatory disease, and anemia. We usually have results within 24 hours, and if necessary we can make appropriate treatment recommendations at a point when treatment will make a difference to your pet’s health. If you can prevent an illness early on it’s easier on your pet, you and your pocket book.  Wellness programs not only help your pet live longer, it helps them to live BETTER!

For more information regarding annual wellness testing, please speak with one of our technicians.labguy

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