Potential Food Toxins for your Pet

We may find some of the items on this list very tasty, but the following items on this list can be very toxic to our furry friends.

Chinese Chives- hemolytic anemia

Onions- hemolytic anemia

Garlic- hemolytic anemia

Raisins- kidney failure

Grapes- kidney failure

Macadamia nuts- neurotoxicity

Apple Cores- cyanide poisoning

Apricot, Cherry, Peach, and Plum Pits- cyanide poisoning

Avocado- heart and lung damage

Broccoli- isothiocynate toxicity and GI irritation

Raw Egg Whites- depletion of biotin

Mushrooms- liver and neuro toxicity

Nutmeg- hallucinogenic

Green Skinned Potatoes- solanum alkaloid toxicity

Tomatoes and Tomato Plants- atropine toxicity

Xylitol (artificial sweetner)- induces hypoglycemia and potential liver failure in dogs

Chocolate- theobromine toxicity

Cocoa Mulch- theobromine toxicity

If you suspect your pet has ingested any of the previous items please contact your veterinarian.

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