One of the most frequent comments we hear from pet owners is that their senior dog is no longer able to jump into the car or onto the bed. The pet is having more difficulty climbing stairs and does not want to walk as far anymore. As we age our joints and muscles are not as strong or flexible as they used to be. Arthritic changes can set in and we become less mobile. Our dogs are no different. Fortunately in veterinary medicine we now have many different ways of helping pets with decreased mobility. “Wagging for Life” is a set of videos design by certified Animal Rehab specialist Carrie Smith. Carrie is a registered human physiotherapist who is also certified in animal rehab and has many years of experience in both fields. These videos contain a variety of exercises that are designed for the pet owner to do at home with their pet. There is no need to buy special equipment and the exercises only require spending 10 minutes a day. These exercises help improve both strength and flexibility which will allow your dog to start to move more easily and comfortably. For more information please give our clinic a call or go to the links and resources tab on this website and scroll down to “Help for your Senior dog”.

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