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Want more information on animal health? Thinking about a new kitten or puppy to liven up your household? Here are a few links we feel will help you expand your knowledge of all-things animal!

Animal Emergency
The Ottawa-Carleton Veterinary Emergency Hospital is a co-operatively owned after-hours emergency and intensive-care facility located at 1155 Lola St, just off the 417 at the Vanier Parkway behind the baseball stadium.

Ottawa Dog Parks
A site which lists the dog friendly parks in the city and surrounding areas.

Ottawa Dog Blog
A site for the city’s dog lovers with all sorts of fun information, and activities for canines in the capital area.

American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior
AVSAB promotes and supports veterinarians who treat behavioural problems of animal patients using humane behaviour modification techniques from the field of applied animal behaviour.

The Ontario Veterinary Medical Association
The Ontario Veterinary Medical Association is the professional association that represents veterinarians across Ontario.

The College of Veterinarians of Ontario
The College of Veterinarians of Ontario (CVO) is the regulatory body of veterinary medicine in Ontario.

Animal Health Care
A great bilingual site for pet owners of all ages! Lots of animal health information, and a special “Kids Corner” to help children learn about animals.
Another site dedicated to animal health care.

City of Ottawa Cat and Dog Registration
Includes where to go to register for a license as well as the fees.

Help For Your Senior Dog

Have You Seen your dog:

  • Back feet out to the side when sitting
  • No longer able to jump on the bed
  • Can’t get in the car without help
  • Increasingly frequent “messy house accidents”
  • Lack of Interest in walks or play
  • Reluctant stair-climbing
  • Groaning when standing up

Disclaimer: This list of links is meant as a resource for pet owners. The opinions expressed in these pages are not necessarily shared by Fisher Glen Animal Hospital.


Client Handouts and Forms

This is where you can find some of the educational handouts that are given to our clients, as well as forms to fill out for new patients.


Introducing Baby To Bowser

Cognitive Dysfunction In Senior Pets

What Shape Is Your Pet?

Spay and Neuter Handout

Parasite Information

Heartworm Handout

Deworming Handout

Dental Home Care

Dog Cookie Recipe

Dental Disease

Elective Surgeries At Fisher Glen

Geriatric Health Check

Client Information Sheet

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