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One of the most frequent comments we hear from pet owners is that their senior dog is no longer able to jump into the car or onto the bed. The pet is having more difficulty climbing stairs and does not want to walk as far anymore. As we age our joints and muscles are not […]

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What I Should Know About . . . Annual Wellness Screening

Did you know that 10-14 percent of pets brought to veterinary clinics for checkups have some type of underlying disease or illness? Many of these pets who seem normal and healthy upon a physical exam have a disease or illness that could go undetected without an annual wellness test- a blood test designed to detect […]

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Bring us your Cats!!

Unfortunately our feline friends get a bum deal when it comes to veterinary care. Owners find it stressful to wrassle them into the carrier with gardening gloves on, listen to them howl the entire care ride, and then try to cause bodily harm to their doctor (well, not all of them!). And besides, they seem […]

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Arthritis and your pet

Just remember one thing. Old age is not a disease! In other words, just because your pet is becoming geriatric does not mean that they have to suffer unnecessary joint pain and loss of muscle mass. We all tend to think, “Oh, he’s slowing down because he is getting old,” and while there may be […]

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Why Do I Need To Bring In A Stool Sample For My Pet?

Why should you bring in a sample of your pet’s stool? When you bring in a fecal sample it is sent to our lab, where it is processed and checked for microscopic parasites or parasite eggs (especially for parasites we do not routinely deworm for). Some intestinal parasites found commonly in dogs and cats can […]

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Tick Time!

With the warmer weather of course comes ticks. New to Ottawa this year is the Lone star tick. Please see the website below for more information and be sure to give the office a call to make sure your pet is protected!

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