COVID-19 Update: March 2022

Welcome Back!

We are now open for in-person appointments.

Our practice is committed to ensuring the safety of our patients, clients, and staff. In consultation with our medical teams, we have implemented the following procedures for clients to accompany their pet(s) at appointments.

  • In order to manage capacities and maintain social distancing, we are only welcoming ONE client per appointment to enter the practice, along with their pet(s).
  • In order to reduce the risk of staff members becoming ill or isolating, and thereby reducing our capacity to serve our patients and clients, we are continuing to offer curbside care by request.
  • Due to the limited space in our reception area, we will be allowing only ONE client in at a time. If we are at capacity, you will be politely asked to wait outside until space is available.
  • Masks currently required

We look forward to seeing everyone again!

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