What’s New: Fisher Glen At The Ottawa Humane Society!

What’s New: Our Day Volunteering At The Ottawa Humane Society

The team at Fisher Glen Animal Hospital recently spent the day volunteering at the Ottawa Humane Society on November 4th to help out some animals in need! We here at Fisher Glen greatly admire the Ottawa Humane Society and all the amazing work they do for animals – so we were proud to volunteer our veterinary services for a such a good cause! Above all, we loved helping some adorable cats get one step closer to becoming adopted by a loving forever family!

Once a veterinarian completes a pet’s surgery at the Ottawa Humane Society, that pet is almost ready for immediate adoption. Having local veterinarians donate their time can really help the Humane Society deal with backlogs of pets at their facility. Throughout the day our team did twenty spay and neuter surgeries, as well as two dental procedures. It was a fun day and our team worked like a well-oiled machine. We’ve even begun dubbing it the 2018 spay-and-neuter-a-thon!

The Ottawa Humane Society is a non-profit, community-based organization and a registered charity. They are the leading organization who provide a safe haven for sick, injured and homeless animals in Ottawa. If you’d like to learn more about adoption at the Ottawa Humane Society, Click Here! You can browse pictures of animals currently in need of a forever home. Who knows – you just might find a new little buddy who’s a great fit!

Additionally, if you’d like to learn more about spay and neutering surgeries, Click Here! You can also Click Here to learn more about all of our many other veterinary Services here at Fisher Glen Animal Hospital.

Finally, Click Here to learn more about the team here at Fisher Glen, or Click Here to make an appointment with us today!


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