Fisher Glen’s Tips on Transporting Your Kitty to the Vet!

Here at Fisher Glen Animal Hospital, we want to give your pets as calm and relaxing an experience as possible – and this starts from right when you leave the house. We know that transporting cats in particular can be a stressful process, and we want to make the trip as calm and easy as possible. Here are some tips on transporting kitty to the vet!

Prior to Transporting Cats: Leaving the House

Make sure that you select a roomy, sturdy, well-ventilated carrier, and only EVER one cat per carrier! Ideally the top should come off as well as having a front door. Try to keep the carrier out at home somewhere where your cat likes to spend time, with some cozy blankets or clothing items that smell like you, so they consider it a comforting place. Leaving treats or toys in it also helps! Always carry the carrier with your arms underneath so that it’s stable, not swinging around like a ride at the fair.

cat pod
Our Cat Pod!

The Trip Here

Cats are very sensitive to noise. However, classical music (at a low volume) seems to agree with them in the car. Cover the carrier with a towel that smells like them, and you can also use cat “happy” pheromone spray to make the trip less stressful. Do not feed them for a few hours before leaving, to help with car sickness, and to make them more likely to accept our treats! Once at the clinic put them in the cat waiting area in the special pod that we have built for them, facing outdoors so they can see what is going on, but not the dogs. We also make every effort possible to see them in our cat exam room, which has lots of extra accommodations to make them feel more comfortable.

Returning Home

It is not unusual for your cat to need to decompress a bit when they arrive home. Let them exit the carrier at their own speed, and if you have other pets you may want to keep them separate for a short period. Rubbing your cat with your scent or the scent of the other cats may help take away the “vet smell,” and speed reintegration into the family.

If you have any questions or you would like to book an appointment with Fisher Glen Animal Hospital, Click Here! Additionally, you can Click Here to learn more about our Fear Free Certification at Fisher Glen Animal Hospital, and Click Here for more information on the importance of timely checkups for your cat!

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