New Ideas To Help Improve Your Senior Dog Mobility

Senior Dog Mobility

One of the most frequent comments we hear regarding senior dog mobility is that their pet is no longer able to jump into the car or onto the bed. It seems like the pet is having more difficulty climbing stairs and doesn’t want to walk as far anymore. Perhaps they have even begun to lose interest in play. As we age our joints and muscles are not as strong or flexible as they used to be. Furthermore, arthritic changes can set in and we become less mobile. Our dogs are no different. Consequently, it is importantย to be aware of your petโ€™s stiffness and mobility problems early on.

Wagging For Life

Fortunately we now have many different ways of helping pets with decreased mobility. In addition to veterinary treatments such as supplements, special diets, antiinflammatories or pain killers, there are also alternative therapies which can prove very beneficial. Wagging for Life is a set of videos designed by certified Animal Rehab specialist Carrie Smith. Carrie is a registered human physiotherapist who is also certified in animal rehab and has many years of experience in both fields.

These videos contain a variety of exercises designed for pet owners to do at home with their pet. Additionally, there is no need to buy special equipment and the exercises only require spending 10 minutes a day. These exercises help improve both strength and flexibility which will allow your dog to start to move around more comfortably.

For more information please visit Wagging For Life.

In you have concerns about your senior dog’s mobility, Contact Us Today and book an appointment to discuss treatment options. Additionally, you can also Click Here for our section on pet health tips, or Click Here to learn more about our veterinary services at Fisher Glen Animal Hospital.

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